Friday, April 5, 2013


  In the world every people and creature is died one day in the life. There is no way to increase our lifespan. But in the Indian yoga way there is many ways to become death less man and do many miracles. How can it possible. In India many saints show their supernatural powers.

  In this post I told a yogi, he is also called The Fire Man, yes he do many miracles. He sleep on the fire and fire flames. How can it possible. Many people don’t know what is Indian tradition  what is Hindu, what is yoga. At present many saints and yoga masters come and teach what is yoga, what is the qualities of yoga, how yoga can help to protect our body from natural and human hazards.

  Yoga is not a religious way it is a way to develop our physical and mental health, control our brain, control on our breath. See a wonder we decreased our breaths our life span is increased, if we increased our breaths our life span is decreased. Take a example Dog can breath nearly 70 to 80 times in a minute, it can live only 7 or 8 years, as same as we decreased our breaths we ruled our death.

   In the yoga way we maintained food restrictions  don’t take spice foods, and meat. We do regularly yoga we become masters in yoga. Yoga give not only health but also supernatural powers. We see many saints show their super natural powers.

  See above pictures a saint show his super natural power he sleep on fire. His name is Rambhauswami, he is 63 years, he lived in Tanjore in Tamilanadu in India. He is world famous yogi who lived in India. He totally controls his breathing. His breathing count is only 2/3 breaths in a minute, his food is one or two bananas and a cup of milk. He is the master in meditation.

  Meditation gives peacefulness and happiness to our body and brain. So we do regularly yoga and meditation our body and brain become very peace and happy condition